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About Richmond?

About Richmond

One of the oldest and culturally richest cities in the south, Richmond is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, national monuments, and interesting mix of old and new. Initially a colonial settlement during the earliest years of America, it showcases its history in the Museum of the Confederacy and attracts foodies, art lovers and nature lovers to delve into its modern attractions.

Hotels in Richmond range in rating from 2 stars right up to luxurious five stars and with Richmond hotel deals, staying in the city doesn’t have to break the bank. Alternate accommodation options include motels, for those on a tighter budget, and apartment rentals, for those looking for a little more space.

Things to do

Are you interested in art history? Boasting well over 300 years of history, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art presents thousands of years of art that includes a variety of local and international pieces. 

High-end and vintage shopping is the name of the game and Richmond is an avid player, with their own Short Pump Mall offering an open-air experience that boasts an impressive layout and enough stores to keep fashionistas on their toes. Bargain hunters and those searching for an eclectic find can browse the racks of Bygones Vintage Clothing to find an impressive and expansive collection of alternative and second-hand finds.

Foodies that travel to Richmond will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot at River City Food Tours, which offers an inspired mix of culinary marvels. With more than 25 breweries in the city, visitors can enjoy a mini-tour through several breweries and enjoy locally produced hand-crafted beers. 

Getting around

Navigating your way through the city is simple, no matter where your Richmond Accommodation is located. You can drive, opt for an Uber, or take a bike and glide through the city on two wheels across the cobblestone streets. Unlike many cities its size, walking is another option in the downtown area. Alternatively, you can also take the metro bus to get between locales.

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